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Bored!! [Jan. 28th, 2005|10:45 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |radio]

Hey ok sooo this week has been relaxing hehe i only had to go into like 2 times hehe how great is that! I went in on Thrusday for my US History regents! It was crazi i think i did ok on the m\c abd the DBQ essay but the Thematic essay was Horrible i really really really hope i passed!!! Pray that i passed! AHHH ok well im kinda stressed over that but thats about it and then this morning i took my math mid-term i went in thinking it was gunna b the hardest thing ever but it turned out to be the easiest thing on the face of this earth i was done sooo early but i looked over it a lot so yea. Exam week is all over YESSSS! hehe so this weekend my sister is coming up from Va. Im so excited b\c i can actually hang out im not busy wit sh*t so yea hehe she doesnt leave until tuesday! and i have off on Monday so yea nice long weekend i love not having school! sooo much fun hehe. Leslie is home too im so happy about that b\c she is my best friend and she has helped me through a sh*tload of things and yea we have a special friendship where we r really really honest with eachother and thats good! so we have been doing everything together and this weekend we r goin to go out to the club (hopefully) its gunna be so much fun hehe cant wait! well Im goin to the mall to get a b-day present for Brian He's gunna be 20!!! AHHH soo old hehe ummm and a V-day present for him. I dont kno really wat to get for him grrrrr! ok well i'll write in here later bye mwa*

~I Love you Brian mwa*~
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Stole it from Alex [Jan. 25th, 2005|09:14 pm]
[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |radio]

A girl and guy are speeding over 100 mph on the road on a motorcycle...

Girl: Slow down. Im scared.

Guy: No this is fun.

Girl: No its not. Please, it's too scary!

Guy: Then tell me you love me.

Girl: Fine, I love you, but slow down!

Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.

*Girl hugs him*

Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? Its bugging me.

(In the paper the next day):

...A motorcycle crashed into a building last night because of break failure. Two people were involved, a male and a female, but only 1 survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the 18 year old boy realized that his breaks had broke, but he didn't want to let his partner know. Instead, he made her say she loved him and felt her hug one last time, and let her wear his helmet so that she would live, realizing he would be the one that would die. If there's anyone anyone you love this much, re-post this in your journal.
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Wat an Adventure! [Jan. 23rd, 2005|06:58 pm]
[Current Mood |thankfulthankful]
[Current Music |country]

Well today was a very adventurous day today! let me tell you holy crap! ok well my dad and I ventured outside in the cold to go walk Klondike he is such a cute puppy it made me realize i want a golden retriever wen i get older! hehe Oh Klondike lives down the street at a neighbors house. So yea that was fun freeezing cold out there geeez it took me like a hour to defrost lol. so after that i found out my dance rehersal was moved back to 3:00 so i was running late but i was ok it wasnt that bad. So i gott in my car and my mom told me be careful and i was planning on it really and i was so i was on cedar and it was slippery and i was swerved into the other lane and then tried to get control of my car and get back into my lane and my car swerved and went into a ditch! YES I GOT INTO ANOTHER CAR ACCIDENT! i sat there with my car in a ditch and i just screamed my head off and started to cry. I dont think i have been soo scared in my whole life and cried so hard for that matter. I called my parents and they came and got me i dont think my dad has hugged me so hard and so happy to see me in like forever! My car is ok and so am i but boy was i scared! my car might be leaking stuff and it has a nice scratch on the drivers door from a pole but its ok. I am one lucky motherf*cker! let me tell u if my car went alittle over more i would have hit the ditch with cement at the bottom and a river so basically i would have been either seriously injuried or dead! yea isnt that great i thank God sooooo much b\c he was def. was looking over me today and also the guy that called 911 for me THANK YOU! so after that things were ok but my nerves were shock and i still went to rehersal and everything is fine but dancing made me really sore! ok well im done talkin now but i'll ttul bye mwa*
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That sexy yellow sponge! yes!! [Jan. 23rd, 2005|06:53 pm]
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Im gunna go Crazi! [Jan. 21st, 2005|11:51 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |"My Worse Fear" by Rascal Flatts (my song wit Brian)]

AHHHHH!!!! I feel pathetic! im sitting here on a Friday nite doing nothing! i really wish i went to Lee's b-day thing! i love hanging out with those grls! :( but sooo i cant wait for tomorrow nite b\c its Jazmin's b-day and then i get to go out hopefully it doesnt snow like crazi and i can still go out! b\c if i get stuck in this house i will go crazi! If Brian was here it would b all good i would b able to go out wenever and just b with him! see this isnt good me just sitting here doing nothing b\c then i start to think about things like Brian and how much i really do miss him and how much he means to me!! Thats one of my main reasons i like to go out and of course i like to b with the grls! idk rite now in this very moment all i want to do it talk to him. to hear his voice. I talked to him today and that was nice but i hate gettin off the phone. Im sooooo freakin ready for him to come home! i miss him sooo much i miss his arms around me the most and his kiss AHHH i hate this sooo much!!! (wow this has been bottled up to long!)I feel like i cant go on anymore i kno it hasnt been that long but it seems like it i really feel like i havent seen him for a year it is soo hard to b away from the one you love! grrr! my heart hurts sooo much! its crazi. He told me today that wen he comes back for good that there is a chance that he might go back over. I really dont think i could go through this again! but the last thing i want is to not b wit him i pray soo much that he stays safe!!! i kno that this is something he loves and he wants to do it but it also kills me. AHHHHHHHH i hate being soo depressed everytime i talk in this thing ive been happy like once! WTF! grrrrr! Everytime i think about him my heart hurts and i just want to b in his arms! AHHH i cant stop crying! wat the heck. He made a buildabear for me before he left and he recorded something in it for me and i love it but its not the same as his voice on the phone. I kno how people are wen they want to get married and rite now if i was older i would marry him in a heart beat! i love him soo much and i dont want to lose him in anyway! i kno its crazi but i dont care. AHHHHHHH im just sooo fustrated i dont kno wat to do with myself! You how i kno that i really love him and care for him is that ive been offered to hang out with guys and basically get ass and turned them down and actually it didnt think twice about it and i thought about the future and i was like i would say no in like year too (while Brian was still gone) even if i was sooo desperate i still wont and that made me feel good! ok so now that i dont kno wat else to write and that ive cried fully im gunna go i'll ttul bye mwa*
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Sour Patch Kids!!! [Jan. 19th, 2005|09:02 pm]
[Current Mood |happyyummy]
[Current Music |Country]


HeHe ive got sour patch kids hehe yummy. My daddy took me to RiteAid and got some stuff and i picked them up I love them! hehe seeing my mom did cook dinner tonite it was a highlight of my nite. But anywho soo umm Monday wen i went for my photo shoot hehe it was fun! my hair looked like crap tho! im so pissed about that! AHHHH but ummm yea wen he took the poloriad it looked pretty bad at least my hair! but oh well. It was fun so thats all that matters. I had dance that nite and that was the same and last nite i had dance too and i found out that i have a performance on the 26 of Feb. and that is the same day as my comp wit Kerry's so i cant do the show wit HRPAC :( which mays me really sad i almost cried i hate lettin ppl down! grrr but that is life and i have to move on so yea but ummm dance Tuesday was weird i felt tooo weak amd Lisa said it was b\c i did the dance convention on Sunday and that my muscles are just tired and to take it easy. soo i did but yea i was kinda hard ekk. But yea so next week is Midterm week. Im kinda nervous for them but im gunna prepare for them ive been doing Child Dev. thats tomorrow and the 1st part of Eng is tomorrow too! im really nervous about Eng! im not that good with writing but oh well i guess i have to suck it up and drive on. I take the US History on Thrusday and i DEF! dont want to do that! grrr but then again i hope that we dont have a snow day that day b\c i dont want to have to take it in June b\c of a stupid snow day that is wat happened last year and if it happens again im gunna b really mad and im gunna say something!!! can u feel my anger lol. Anywho this weekend is Jazmine's 18th b-day and we r going out for it and i cant wait but i dont think i will b able to b\c my mom is being a B*tch again and probably wont let me and its also Lee's b-day Friday and i really want to go out to dinner wit the grls but i dont think that will b happening either:( i hate living at home sometimes! soo i guess i will b spending my weekend at home! how exciting! NOT!!!! grrrrr. Ok well thats it for now i'll ttul lots of love mwa*
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Long time no talk! [Jan. 16th, 2005|09:35 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Ciara CD Goodies]

Im sry that i havent updated for awhile but the page was down for awhile and then this weekend has been pretty crazi! lets see Sat. i went to dance and then to kealys and we went to b at 7:30pm! b\c we had to b up at 3:00am to get a 4:30am train to get the city for a dance convention at 7:45am hehe i danced 9hours today! it was crazi but sooooo much fun! i wouldnt of traded this day for anything! umm yea Kealy got my the Ciara CD and an outfit for xmas i love it all! hehe i cant wait to get it exchanged for a bigger size tho its to small but its all good! but yea back to today! ummm there is an audition that u can do to try out to get a spot as a VIP for their VIP tour hehe this summer i made it this summer hehe and today Kealy,Sam,Beth,and Kristin made it! Im soo proud of them hehe! i hope that we r on the same tour! but i highly doubt that their gunna go b\c the tour is 4500 or something like that soo thats a lot of money plus my dance team is goin to Florida to dance at Disney im soo greatful to have the parents that i have that they allow me to do this dance stuff and that they i do and that they pay for it all they are the best ever! Thanks mommy and daddy! ummm soo yea ummm so today wat tiring and i slept the whole way home and now im kinda not that tired! its crazi but yea so Brian called my cell like 7 times and my house once left me like 4 or 5 messages the kid started to get worried about me b\c i wasnt picking up! AH but umm yea i sent a really really really long e-mail explaining it all! lol the e-mail is like something that i would put in here LoL it made me laugh but yea soo an update on him i guess he's doing ok he is having fun over there doing wat he loves army stuff even tho he misses everything about here n stuff he loves the Army so yea but yea he's ok! Alright i guess thats it OH! wish me luck i go for a Photo shoot tomorrow hehe to get Head Shots so i can take them to auditions wen i go to them for dance but yea im gunna go its been along day i hope you all had an awsome weeekend ttul bye mwa
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(no subject) [Jan. 16th, 2005|09:28 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |"My worst fear" by Rascal Flatts]

have you kissed anybody..
on the cheek.(yea)
on the lips. (yea)
in my room. (yea)
in their room. (yea)
of the same sex. (yea)
of the opposite sex. (yea!)
younger than me. (yea)
older than me. (yupper)
with black hair. (yup!)
with curly hair. (ummm i think so)
with blonde hair & blue eyes. (that is a def.)
with flaming red hair. (umm no)
with straight hair. (yea?)
shorter than me. (umm yea!)
taller than me. (everyone is taller then me lol so yes)
with a lip ring. (no)
with a piece of clothing missing. (hehe yea)
with a piece of my clothing missing. (yup ;))
who was drunk. (yes)
who was high. (no)
who I had just met. (yea lol)
who was homosexual. (no)
who I didn't really want to kiss. (no)
on a holiday. (yes i love you)
who was going out with someone close to me. (yea umm no!)
who was my good friend's brother or sister. (nope)
who had been/is in jail. (nope)
in a graveyard. (no!)
at a show/concert. (not during it)
at the beach. (nope)
on the dance floor. (Yes)
who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with. (yea)
with dyed hair. (nope)
with a shaved head. (kinda not really)
who was/is my good friend. (yep)
who was/is in a band. (yea)
who has tattoos. (yup)
who is of a completely different race than me. (Technecally everyone is hehe so i guess yes)
in the rain. (no)
in another continent besides where I was born. (yea lol)
with an accent. (no)
with an std. (not that i kno of!)
on a boat. (no)
in a car/taxi/bus. (ummm yea! hehe)
on a plane. (no)
at the circus/carnival. (Yea)
with a missing body part. (nope)
in the movies. (actually no that weird!)
that I love. (OOOOOOOOOH YES!)
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A good but clumsy day [Jan. 12th, 2005|09:41 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |none]

Today was a good day hehe i got up and i had a snowday so i slept in till like 10:30am ahh it felt sooo good! hehe ummm i got up and had to get ready to go to the dentist (YUCK) wen i was making my breakfast i cut myself wit the knife by acident OUCH!!! it bleed sooo much and hurts still! i hate that so much but yea so i got ready and wen i got to the dentist the lady that did my teeth was kinda bitchy so i was nice to her and suprisingly made her in a good mood we talked about the food network mommy and i watch it hehe! but umm yea she hurt me there she really went at it at my teeth like she was taking anger out on them! grrr! but ummm yea no cavities yeah! hehe goodness hehe. soo after that i picked kimmie up and we went and got our nails done and then went for lunch it was fun just the 2 of us good time! i love having nails sooo pretty! hehe. Then i went to the bad place for 2 hours and after i went to dinner wit my mommy and daddy at Rolling Rock yummmy! there was a police car sittin outside of it for like 2 hours with no cop in it. it was rather weird wen we were done it was still there no cop and all! the car is gunna run out of gas! i hate gas i wish we didnt have to pay for it and we didnt need it for our cars we should electric ones or something or just magic cars hehe that would b great! soo ummm yea that was my day. pretty good and productive kinda not really! but Oh well hehe i had a good day! Devon(brian's lil sis) told me he made it to Bagdad ok! which makes me happy and not i dont want him to b there i rather him some where else! yea kno? but i have no controll of that. Wen i was driving home today i was wondering does everyone else strongly believe that he is coming home back too like me? and then i started to think a lot about wat would happen if something happened to him i dont think i would b able to get over it! AHHHH it scares me sooo freaking much!! grrr to the gov. for taking my boyfriend away! but seriously its scary i and i pray everyday that he comes home safe and soon and i pray for all the troops that they r all safe!!! well ok im done now im gunna go watch TV ttul mwa nitenite!

~Keep the troops in ur prayers!~ I love you Brian mwa
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AHHH [Jan. 11th, 2005|10:10 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |none]

Ok so today i went to school it was an ok day i guess. Nothing special. i had a religion test and yea i think i did really bad! grrr. It started to snow hehe i was happy snow is soo pretty! Sarah Fister and i were gunna go get our nails done and we got out of school and were talking and the snow was fallin it was really pretty. Sarah goes "OMGoodness look the snow flakes r falling prefectly in ur hair it looks awsome" I looked in her hair it was doin the same the flakes looked like the ones u cut out of paper it was the coolest thing ive ever seen hehe! greatness so then i went home and gettin ready to leave and i called sarah and we both decided that the roads were bad. After i got off the phone i decided i really wanted to go so i went OMGoodness the roads r really bad b\c i was slipping and sliding everywhere! ekkk! lol i came back home and took a nap. But i woke up and Brian called hehe i was sooo happy to just hear his voice he called my cell today too and left a message. He leaves for Bagdad at 5:30am his time soo his time rite now is 6:17am so he's on a plane go there rite now! i really hope that he is safe b\c i really want him to come home so i be wit him! so yea it made me happy to hear from him i cried after tho b\c i realize how much i miss and love him but yea i dont want to get into that stuff again! soo yea my mom keeps yelling at me work on regents stuff i need her to get the fuck off my back about that it is killing me hate how she is always on my back about everything grrrrr i just cant wait till all this stupid school stuff is over! i have to take the US history regents again i hate History grrr! but yea so i should be studying for that but i dont care really but i kno i should. umm wat else OMGoodness hehe on monday im goin to a studio and gettin porfessional head shots done! how cool is that?! im so excited hehe soo much fun! im gettin them done so i can have them for wen i go fo audtitions and stuff for dance! yea i cant wait! and this weekend im goin to a dance convention and i love those b\c i learn new things and i can just dance all day i think it will help me alot wit all this stuff thats been goin on in my head to let it all out! hehe but umm yea i really should go and clean my room and do regents crap to please the MOTHER of mine! grrrrrrrrr! so till next time mwa nite nite
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